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TO       : All Company Staff

FROM  : Human Resources

RE        :  Workforce Efficiency Incentive



Dear Employees,


After careful study and consultation with a work force consultant we have decided to enact the following in an effort to enhance productivity in the work place.


The workplace is not a place for people to socialize, and hang out, but to be productive and work for the company, to the company’s enrichment.  Keeping this in mind, we have identified various actions and behaviors that clearly show that an employee is not being properly productive in their work environment. The following procedures are effective immediately:


·         Smiling (other then at paying customers)

·         Laughter

·         Or otherwise indicating that you are ‘having fun’


Shall be chargeable against your vacation time as the work force efficiency team has found these actions are clear evidence that you are not working at your job but are doing other things instead.


Thank you for your adherence to this new incentive.


The Management.

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